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   KOKOMO, INDIANA BRANCH PRESIDENT                                          GRAG WAKE



Kokomo Post Office is in the processing of receiving outgoing priority coming from the west coast heading to the east coast. This mail will temporarily be at our site, but talks are that it may be a permanent move due to the overflow of mail in Indianapolis. They will be hiring temporary help such as mail handler assistant, casuals and PSE. Everyone interested need to load a profile on the postal As things change, I will keep everyone updated.

Kokomo, Indiana News


The overall mission of the Kokomo Branch of Local 304 Union is to be an extended arm of our local. We plan to enforce the contract for the mail handlers at our facility to its full extent. Our attempt is to be a source of information to local management and an enforcer when need be.


Grag L. Wake, Sr.--Chief Administrative Representative and Tour One Steward
William Hipshire III--Tour Two Steward
Mark Titus--Tour Three Steward
Heather Meyers--Tour One and Tour Three Alternate

Presently, I'm the only mail Handler within the facility that has maintained active steward status for over six years consecutively. It's my pleasure to serve our craft and hone my skills. My goals are beyond the scope of this facility, however, I plan to let everyone in the local know that Kokomo is in the mix of things within this local.

Contract enforcement is the primary objective drilled in all of my stewards. This facility has been the primary initiator of grievances having national merit. For example: the flip/flop of casuals, and casuals working beyond their contractual allotted time frame. Either of these grievances could be a great monetary value to local mail handlers when settled nationally.

I plan to be here in the position of Chief Administrative Representative until I'm awarded a position of higher calling within our great union. If I can be of assistance to anyone locally, you can contact me by e-mail at or send mail to P.O. Box 6712, Kokomo IN 46904-6712. Continue to press in the middle of your stress and you'll find that you'll be blessed.

Grag L. Wake, Sr., Chief Administrative Representative
Kokomo Processing and Distribution Mail Handler