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                            Membership Benefits



The Retirement Plan Benefit shall include the following provision:

a.         The Plan benefit will be effective as of October 18, 2014,. Every (regular) Member of this Local Union, in good standing, is eligible to receive a check for the amount of three hundred dollars ($304.00), upon his/her retirement from employment at the USPS.  In addition, he/she is eligible for a “watch” to be purchased by the Local on behalf of the retiring Member.

b.                     All Retirees eligible for the Plan benefit must be a Member in Good Standing for four (4) consecutive years immediately preceeding their effective date of retirement. In addition, a fully and properly completed application, with accompanying official documentation, must be received at Headquarters before benefit can be disbursed.

c.                     Members retiring on disability retirement must meet the same criteria listed in Item 1b above.

d.                    This benefit shall be funded solely and entirely from the general assets and operating revenue of the Local Union.

Special circumstances or consideration will be given on case by case basis by the Executive Board

All applications for retirement must be submitted by the member to their Branch President/Chief Adminstrative Representative for approval. Final approval of any non-qualifying application will be made by the Local Union Executive Board.

Click here for the application.

2.Death Benefit Fund The death benefit fund shall include the following provisions:

A. The plan will be effective October 30, 1975. Every regular member of this Local Union, in good standing, is eligible for his/her family to receive a check for the amount of $450.00 (Four-hundred and fifty dollars), in the event of his/her death.

B. The Branch President/Chief Administrative Representative shall be responsible for notifying Local Headquarters in the event of a members death within (30) days by sending notice. The following examples are acceptable: Newpaper obituary, Post Office notices, and/or funeral home obituaries.

C. That each member and his/her immediate family, (son, daughter, wife, husband, and custodial parent) is eligible to receive flowers from this Local Unionin the event of death. All requests will be handled and purchased by the Local Union Headquarters. Mail Handlers, or their survivors, who suffer a  death in their family can elect to, in lieu of receiving flowers, have fifty(50) dollars donated to a charitable organization. This provision is contigent on the Local Union receiving prior notification.

3. Flower Fund. The Flower Fund shall include the following provisions:

A. Every member is eligible to receive flowers from this Local Union, when hospitalized.

B. Timely notifications must come frome the designee or the Branch President or his/her designee, to Headquarters.

C. There is a cap of One Hundered Dollars ($100.00) that can be spent by Headquarters, for any single order.