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 Local 304 currently represents over 2,250 members located in the states of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

  •  Our Local Union Council consists of seven (7) Executive Board members and twenty-one (21) Branch Presidents.
  •  The mission of Local 304 is to protect  the rights of the membership and to give the membership  the representation  that they expect and deserve and the VOICE and VOTE they deserve!

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Before you vote, please be informed! Go to  www.vote411.org


Brothers and Sisters,

This Tuesday, November 6th, is Election Day. We encourage our NPMHU brothers and sisters and their families to join us in taking the fight for our jobs, wages, workplace safety, and retirement to the polls.

For detailed information on voter registration, polling locations, complete ballot information, absentee and early voting, and voter ID laws, please visit: www.vote411.org.

To check and see if your member of Congress has taken the position that they do not want the postal service to be privatized/be sold, click to view the co-sponsors of House Resolution 993and Senate Resolution 633.


We have the opportunity to elect members to Congress who are union supporters and will protect our rights, both in and outside of the workplace. Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. There are other issues at stake, such as the GOP’s lawsuit to eliminate protection for those with pre-existing conditions, and their promise to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This is the most crucial election in recent history!

It is up to us to get out the vote and we can’t do it without you!


Kick a few dead and decaying leaves around. Go ahead. Fill your senses with the season that foreshadows frigid. Take a walk. Be the only soul to witness the extended swan dive of a single leaf.

Lose the earbuds. C’mon. Find a wooded path carpeted in burnt umber and lose yourself in the towering branches with clinging foliage. Breathe in the serenity. Feel better?

Good. Now you are ready to face a day of reckoning with resolve. Tuesday, Nov. 6, is the day democracy will either be upheld or surrendered in the United States. That is not hyperbole. If voters do not restore vital checks and balances in Congress — completely eviscerated under Republican control — a callow, corrupt president and his GOP enablers on Capitol Hill will continue to answer to no one as they dismantle government of, by and for the people.

Republicans with a lock on the House and Senate — from gerrymandered districts — don’t have to justify what they say or do — especially regarding their party’s scandalous standard-bearer in the White House. They have free reign to pass deficit-exploding tax cuts for the wealthy, or stack federal courts with as many Federalist Society favorites as possible, or fold on select intelligence committees investigating Russian scheming to secure a Trump presidency in 2016.

Restoring balance — with a Democratic majority in one or both chambers of Congress — is the last, best hope the country has to hold power to some account. On Nov. 6, we can pull America back from the brink of ruin caused by reckless, ruthless leadership, or we can shrug it off like it doesn’t matter. READ MORE HERE.



Nearly all of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program tumbled last month, mirroring a month of volatility in the financial markets.

The Thrift Savings Plan’s G Fund, which is made up of government securities, was the only portfolio in the black in October, gaining 0.26 percent. That brings its total 2018 earnings to 2.38 percent.

The S Fund, composed of small- and mid-size businesses, lost the most value last month, falling 10.06 percent. That brought the portfolio 0.30 percent into the negative since January. The international stocks of the I Fund fell 7.94 percent in October, bringing its 2018 losses to 8.92 percent.

The common stocks of the C Fund lost 6.84 percent last month, although the fund remains 2.98 percent in the black for 2018. And the fixed income (F) Fund fell 0.78 percent in October, bringing its losses so far this year to 2.26 percent.

All of the lifecycle (L) funds, which shift investments into more stable portfolios as participants get closer to retirement, lost value last month. The L Income Fund, for those who have already started withdrawing money, lost 1.40 percent; L 2020, 2.24 percent; L 2030, 4.60 percent; L 2040, 5.54 percent; and L 2050, 6.35 percent.

Since January, the L Income Fund has grown 1.52 percent; L 2020, 1.21 percent; and L 2030, 0.12 percent. The L 2040 Fund has fallen 0.35 percent this year, and the L 2050 is down 0.74 percent.

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